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2008 JJW Designs Northwest Minibike Nationals

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Hindsight MX hosted the 2008 JJW Designs Northwest Minibike Nationals presented by, you guessed it, JJW Designs, and it was the place to be this weekend if you live in the northwest and are in to pitbikes. With an estimated 120 riders and classes for everyone this is becoming one heck of a primer event for the Vegas MiniMoto Supercross.

Brad Ripple was tearing up the track on his Pitster X4r and took the win in both the 10" and 12" mod money class. Brad Nauditt was the only other rider on Ripple's pace and finished second in the 10" class but had to come back from stalling his bike in the 12" class to finish 3rd behind Joel Ard.

The Mad Minis MX crew definately gets the "most fun" award and made up 2/3 of the costume class, and their rider Tyler Vanzant won the ironman award by competing in 4 classes (2 practices, 1 heat and 1 main for each class!) on his Pitsters.

Team Minor got the biggest get-off award in the 12" Mod Amateur class by looping his Pitster in the back rhythm section (see pics and video at this thread on PlanetMinis.com), while Matt Foust gets the "most times on the ground in one race" award for bailing off, well, we will leave it at more than once, in the 12" mod money class. Hopefully he didn't hurt the bike he borrowed from Justin too badly.

The track was awesome, and the races clicked right along pretty well with a break for pizza mid afternoon. The only part that needs any significant improvement would be the awards ceremony, as really cool pro-style big checks and numberplate trophies were passed out relatively non-chalantly. It really could have used a bit more hooplah considering the effort that went in to designing and creating them, but after a long hard day of work Justin and crew were probably running on empty.

All in all I would call the event a tremendous success for the riders who attended and for pitbike racing in the northwest. Thanks alot to Justin and his crew, Mad Minis MX, Pitster Pro, BBR and the laundry list of other sponsors (see them all at NW Minibikes website) for contributing to the event. I just finished the 6 hour drive home and I'm already looking forward to next years event!

Make sure to check out our pictures from the 2008 JJW Designs Northwest Minibike Nationals.

3rd Annual Northwest MiniBike Nationals

JJW Designs presents the 3rd Annual Northwest MiniBike National to be held at Hindsight MX in North Plains, Oregon on March 22, 2008. This is a Pitbike only event and will have a cash purse for pro riders. This is an indoor event so perfect racing weather is guaranteed! View the event flyer here for more information about classes, fees, and contacts.

2007 Extreme Motorsports Harescrambles

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Spring is here and with it a return to motocross racing in Spokane. The first event of the season was the Harescrambles race on Sunday, March 18. Don't bring your St. Paddy's Day hangover here because the race was 3 hours long. A tough race for anyone after a long winter break, especially for those racing the ironman classes.

An estimated 300+ riders competed in the grueling springtime event. The track was in good shape although the outlying parts of the course quickly became dusty and rocky as riders rounded the course.

Some pictures from the race can be found in the Moto Pics galleries and race results should be posted soon on the Extreme Motorsports Productions website.

Backyard Motocross Banned!

If you are a resident of the Spokane Valley you should probably know that riding your dirt bike or other off-road vehicle in Spokane Valley is illegal. Aparently enough neighbors complained about one family's backyard track that the Spokane Valley City Council banned the use of off-road vehicles on private property.

Nevermind that there's all sorts of other noisy activities going on around the neighborhood. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, Harleys, fart-can-exhaust imports...Read the article for more information before you get a ticket for enjoying your own property. There goes my dream of having a minimoto track!

Great Deals Page Added

I'm working on adding a new page to the site that has great deals from various websites. If you buy gear over the web you really should check in here before you buy. The page will probably start out pretty small but it will grow over time. Go on, check out the Super Deals on Motocross and Off-Road Riding Gear because everyone loves a good deal!

Check out the latest deal...A pair of Dunlop tires for your 250F for only $114.99!

Check out all the current moto deals on the Great Deals page.

New Pics

I've added some new pictures to the Moto Pics pages. There are new galleries for photos I took at the AMA National Championship races at Washougal in 2005 and 2006. Enjoy!

alind_test.net Revival!

After a long...really long...hiatus I've finally taken some time to freshen up the site with a new look. I guess if you don't ski or snowboard in the winter you have to find something to do. Like most riders I'm dreaming of spring and at this point with the days getting longer it feels like riding weather is just around the corner. Time to get out in the garage and tune up that bike!

Extreme Motorsports has posted an updated schedule for the local Spokane and Inland Northwest Motocross track on their website. It seems that this year they have decided to combine the Motocross series into one year-long event rather than having two seperate ones, spring and fall. Practice fees appear unchanged at $20 per day. If you live in the Spokane, Washington area you should check out their site.

Last year I really got the racing bug and contested both the 125 Beginner and 30+ C classes in most of the Supercross series and all of the Fall Motocross series. This year I plan to take some time in spring to get back in shape before I do any races. The older I get the harder it is to shake off 4-5 months of sitting on my butt through the winter.

Finally, I'm looking for looking for mini riding buddies! I still can't talk any of my friends into buying a pitbike even though it's tough to get them off of mine once they ride it. So if you have a 110 and want to go riding send me a message via my contact page and maybe we can hookup and ride!


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About a year ago I bought a 2003 KLX 110 to mess around with. When I first got it I bought some bigger handlebars, a taller seat, and some more aggressive tires. Since that time I've become addicted to ridding the little guy and raced the Northwest Mini Nationals and every Supercross series half time show pit bike race at Spokane's local motocross park.

I have continued to buy newer and better hop-up parts for it. Most recently I installed a CHP 143cc kit to give the little guy some more kick. Here's a pic of my pitbike as it sits today:

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Late race battle

Late race battle